Thursday, May 04, 2023

Listening to Waffle-Mouthed Politicians

Holding a government position should not be something that garners fame and fortune for the office holder.  A true representative of the people would solemn duty, to be carried out with fear and responsibility.  Were it legitimate, it would be more like military conscription.  If you could survive one term, you should be more than glad to go back home and not be required to do it anymore.

Instead, they clamor, grovel, fight and lie to get back there.  That should tell you all you need to know about the current state of government.  It's NOT some difficult responsibility... not at all.  It's a feeding frenzy for all the pork-lovers involved.

No person with any intellect whatsoever would want to be there if it were legitimate.  Instead, they sling mud, work with investigative organizations to discredit competition and outright deceive.  Why?  Because they get A THIRD OF YOUR INCOME.  

For doing what?  NOTHING.  They can literally never attend a session of Congress and become disgustingly wealthy OFF OF YOU. 

The only issue they might encounter is that they need to have zero conscience or zero self-awareness.  No person with a moral compass will succeed in public office unless they have the patience of job and the goal of dismantling it.  And, with the 99% of those in office defending their hoard at all costs, good luck with the latter.