Monday, April 10, 2023

Dark, Again

It's already dark outside for the 17,788th time.  That number seems so low.  The Sun's so low, it's no longer setting... it's already set.

There's supposed to be a launch of a SpaceX rocket capable of reaching the Moon, this month.  It won't be heading for the Moon, though.  Instead, it'll be trying to orbit.  

America's return to space back in 2020 on a SpaceX rocket seemed to be heralding in a new era of space travel, with new rockets being tested, often with dramatic effect.  Just when the newest one, Starship, seemed to be ready to go into orbit, the paperwork hit a snag.  There's been a bit of red tape, or so it seems.

That'll be something neat to see, anyway, when it finally get the go-ahead.  I'll be looking up.