Thursday, March 09, 2023


Death by a thousand paper cuts.  That's what we call 'first world problems'.  None of them, by themselves, should be anything to get too excited about.  After the thousandth slice, though, sanity begins to crack.

No, there are no tigers, here.  A stiff wind won't collapse our houses and mangle our bodies.  We don't have to worry about wild animals defecating in the tiny stream that supplies all of our water.  There's nothing waiting around every corner to devour us and use our bones as toothpicks.

It's hard to have sympathy for someone who explodes after a paper cut.  It's even a bit comical.  Still, imagine getting a thousand in a row.  You might not be able to contain yourself that long.

Yeah, "Karen" might seem to be going off about nothing.  Someone didn't give her the sauce packet she wanted and now she's demanding the manager and spraying people with ketchup.  What a psycho, right?

Well, maybe someone hit her car in the parking lot while she was waiting at the water board after the water main in front of her house erupted during the middle of her shower while the neighbor's dog threw up in in her shoes.  All of this after she learned her sister's husband was cheating with the girl that mocked her in high school, and the person who gave her the wrong sauce packet looked just like her.  None of this excuses her bad behavior, but it IS understandable.

Nobody knows what anyone else is going through.  Everyone wants forgiveness for their missteps, but no one is willing to give the same.   A little understanding might go a long way.  I'm just saying.