Monday, March 27, 2023


Yakity-yak... Don't talk back.  

Government thinks everyone has as much spare time as they do.  ...Which is pretty much their whole lives, save a few minutes of voting a year.  Most of our lives should be dedicated to listening to their wisdom, according to them.

They believe we're hanging on their every world.

We're not.  We don't care about anything they have to say, unless it's about getting out of our lives.  The more they're involved in our lives, the worse life gets.

With all that free time, they somehow never have time to listen.  Sure, they'll host 'Townhalls' with pre-selected questions and pre-written answers.  They'll 'Meet the Press', which they have in their pockets. 

It's all talk, no listen.  They'll continue to infringe and usurp.  Nothing changes for the better.