Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Get Them All Out

Odd how so many hard problems were solved long ago, yet so many obvious solutions remain unimplemented.  The very fact they remain unimplemented means there was more to the solution than meets the eye.  Something didn't give.

Inflation is one of those.  Income taxes are another.  Everyone knows they're wrong; everyone knows how to get rid of them.  Here we sit, though, talking about high taxes and how $100 was a lot back in the '90s, yet doing nothing about it.  

Politicians keep richer off of you.  They give you less in benefit, while taking more in taxes.  They count the graft they give their rich friend's companies as part of the 'benefit' you get.  

No one holds them accountable.  The "checks and balances" don't work if they keep paying each other off.  Solution?  Get 'em out of there.