Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Numbed into Obsolescence

Entertainment means something different, now.  Constant access to amusement through visual stimulation has to cause some sort visual cortex fatigue.  It's not the same, but somehow, it's still entertaining.

There's no time to just think.  

When the radio stations and TV stations went off at night, we had to think.  

Then, the world gave us 24 hour cable.

Eventually, TV fatigued our brains into not noticing or being entertained.  We, again, started to think. 

Then, we got the internet.

We eventually tired of sitting at our computers all night, though, and started to think, again.

That's when smart phones showed up.  They're a more formidable foe.  They change.  They sense when we're getting tired of something and offer something new.

They say AI will get us, one day.  I think it already has us.