Sunday, January 15, 2023

State Socials

Since the government was paying Twitter, et. al, for whatever reasons, doesn't that mean the government was giving those social media platforms an unfair advantage?  Think about it... social media platforms were going and coming left and right for years, then, suddenly, it's pretty much only Twitter and Facebook.  It seems suspect that these poorly designed platforms would've been able to hold such a large market share without government funding. 

How much money did our corrupt government funnel into these platforms?  What backroom agreements did they have with them?  What tech were they gifted to give them an advantage, just so the criminals in positions of power could control what's trending?  Effectively, our government was in the social media business behind our backs.

If it weren't for the recent sale of Twitter, who's files exposed the corruption, there might be no confirmation of what was actually happening.  How much other corruption in data is our government perpetrating that's being successfully covered up?  How many government officials abused their power and profited by keeping other social media platforms silent?