Wednesday, January 11, 2023

One of these Days, Alice

I'd really like to see Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic be successful and get to space.  I like watching rocket launches, especially manned missions, even if it is just livestreamed on the internet.  More rocket companies means more launches.  

Right now, though, those two don't appear to be making any obvious progress.  I'm sure they are, even its from learning what NOT to do.  It's not obvious, though.

A Spacex Dragon cargo capsule that left the ISS, earlier this week.  Currently, the folks on the station don't have a ride home, due to a leak on the Soyuz currently docked.  I guess spacesuits for the Soyuz wouldn't be compatible with the Dragon.  Maybe you can't fly humans on the Cargo version.

I seriously doubt there will be any extra-planetary bases in my lifetime.  That doesn't stop the curiosity about what we could find on other bodies.  Humans can observe much more efficiently than any of the robots we've ever sent.  These folks need to get it in gear.