Thursday, January 05, 2023

Friday and Advice to Congress

Tomorrow's a real Friday.  This is my first in a few months.  Things return to normal after the holiday season.

I've been amused, and given a little hope, by the fact that congress can't decide on a speaker.  It won't last long, but at least, for now, they aren't destroying the economy any worse than they already have.  A few days reprieve is better than none, but anyone who doesn't already see this body as the corrupt, vile pit of filth it's become needs to get their head examined by one of those CTE doctors at the football games.

Maybe I'm being too hard on the congress.  Comparatively, they're no worse than most government.  Compare them to the rest of the world, and, disturbingly, they don't seem that bad.  Still, they suck.

They say, "don't complain without giving some suggestions", so here's a few:

*    We were promised actual representation.  You're not doing that.  Admit it.

*    Stop spending.  Just stop.  Wages can't keep up with the devaluation of the dollar.  It's beyond how wasteful bureaucracy spends... if you'd been responsible, we wouldn't be here.  Now, you have to stop.

*    Give your 'pay' back.  I say 'pay' because to be paid, you'd have to actually work.  A few hours a day, a few weeks a year, if you even attend that often, isn't enough.  Be honest and give the money back.  You know you didn't earn it.

*    Finally, quit.  Lock the doors behind you.  Go home.  Get a real job.  Contribute something of value to society.

That's just a few immediately springing to mind.  I'm sure, if you want, you can find a lot more online.  Most of you should probably turn yourselves in for fraud.