Saturday, January 07, 2023

Antisocialmedia Rant #5150

I have no instagram.  I have no tiktok, no snapchat, or any other popular social media beyond around 2006, heavily censored by some group of purple-haired, body-pierced, pronoun-slinging amorphous blobs.  I'm just not interested in knowing that much about anyone, nor letting anyone know that much about me.

All of these are basically the same exact thing, anyway.  Post pictures, video and short remarks.  There should be something beyond a glorified Geocities after decades of internet.   

I haven't logged in to myspace in a dozen years or so.  Myspace was probably the last thing that even seemed to offer something kind of new because it let you post music on your page. Everything since has seemed like a clone of the previous, with a slightly different interface.

I only got a facebook back when you had to have a college .edu email address to join.  There were a couple of people in my classes, when I went back to school as an adult, who only messaged on the platform.  There were a couple of projects requiring collaboration, and FB was their only electronic communication. 

Recently, I've begun to look at twitter, again.  That's only because of the recently uncovered criminal activity, though.  The government was caught colluding with its former owners to mislead the American people.  It's not really because it offers anything new.  

As an aside, how dumb to you have to be to leave blatant evidence of fraud?  Twitter's amorphous blobs must've been a little less intelligent than the others.  Maybe they thought their government alphabet soup boys would white-knight them.  That's yet to be seen.