Friday, December 16, 2022


Your money continues to lose value because you've chosen to ignore what your government does.  As long as someone says what you want to hear, you just don't care.  I wish I was sorry that the broken record keeps spinning, but it has to be restated, if it's ever going to change.

The more money they create from nothing, the less your money is worth.  The less your money is worth, the less you can buy.  It's pretty simple.

Life's short.  By ignoring the corruption, you guarantee the future will be more bleak.  Instead of living for today, leaching what you can from the world before you go, why not try to leave it better than it was?  

By doing nothing as government increased spending to levels no one in the future can pay off, we've already made the lives of those to come more difficult than ours.  Even if you taxed everyone 100%, you wouldn't have enough.  This isn't even the problem... it's just a symptom.

The problem is ignorance and apathy.  You don't know how you got here.  You also don't care.

Firstly, the government was allowed to float the value of money, ensuring the ability to crash the currency.  The great depression was soon to follow.  Government connected bankers and others grew their wealth while others suffered.

Then, they were allowed to take your more of your money the more you managed to make by implementing an income tax.  They said they wouldn't tax anyone unless they made more than a few thousand a year.  All the while, they knew they would devalue your money to the point where you'd have to make more than a few thousand to survive.

In the mid-70s, the money was completely disconnected from any tangible value.  This allowed it to be completely manipulated.  Manipulation never positively affects value, only negatively.  Paying off debt and reducing the amount of money is the only way to increase its value.

As a result, if you're young, you probably won't have things of the same value your parents.  They, and their parents, allowed the government to gamble with your future.  Instead of even investing in your future, they pocketed most of it, and threw them the crumbs.