Monday, December 19, 2022

End It

Minimum requirements for quality aren't being met.  Expensive reveals itself as cheaply made, and the cheap things are essentially a waste of the few resources required to make them.  "Value" is highly subjective.

The 'right' blames labor costs and foreign competition.  The 'left' blames greedy business owners and 'capitalism'.  They're both wrong... and if you believe them, you're wrong.

Quality inevitably costs more when the money you use to buy it loses its value.  You can't even save up to buy something really nice, anymore, because when you save up what it used to cost, the price has gone up.  If you can't rely on savings, after working hard and sacrificing to accumulate them, you won't even have the collateral to borrow the money.

So why does our money lose value?  Knowing how it hurts people, why would this be allowed to happen?  If you don't know by now, you're part of the problem.