Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Early Morning Fire Fright

This is what greeted me when I walked outside, this morning. The glow in the distance isn't Christmas lights.  At first, I thought the woods on my property between the house and highway were on fire.

Turns out, it was the place all the way across the highway burning.

It was very bright... and terrifying.  It looked as if my driveway was completely engulfed in flames.  Immediately, my brain started trying come up with ways to get out of there... before I realized the scale and distance to the fire.  It's actually well over a quarter mile away.  Still, it was able to illuminate my truck's back window.

As I got into my vehicle, the firefighters arrived.  They had it down pretty quickly.  By the time I got to that end of my driveway, the fire looked to be well under control, if not close to extinguished.