Friday, December 23, 2022


Alabama makes more than enough electricity to use all we need and still sell a considerable amount to other states.  Somehow, on the coldest day of the year, power generation was curtailed to the point where purposeful rolling blackouts are needed.  This is unprecedented in my lifetime.

If it turns out this is some attempt to reduce fossil fuel usage by not starting up boilers to make the energy we need, it would be akin to ecological terrorism.  There are people who have medical equipment in their homes keeping them alive.  They paid their whole lives to ensure that power is coming into their home.  To have some limp-wristed, brainwashed imbecile in a high enough position to make that call would be incomprehensible.

Making people miserable, potentially threatening their lives, just to force your empty-headed political agenda on them is the DEFINITION of terrorism.  If this is confirmed, there will definitely be some political reckoning.  Let there be no doubt.