Sunday, December 11, 2022

Cool Tools and a Smart Dummy

There was an interesting little surprise hiding at the Harbor Freight, today. Tucked between the quadrotor drones and peepaw's jumbo magnifying glass is a section dedicated to watchmaking! There were whole repair kits, presses, loupes, springbar tools, small gear pullers, hammers and even a watchback removing tool. If I'd been in a different mood, I might've bought one of everything. Instead, I took a picture:

On a completely unrelated note, there was a SpaceX launch of the iSpace lunar lander, earlier. Then, around noon, the Orion spacecraft made its splashdown. Two moon missions had milestones within 24 hours. That's pretty cool.
I also like that NASA calls the dummy placed in the capsule a "Moonikin". It was even given a name, "Campos." It's named after Arturo Campos, according to NASA.