Monday, November 28, 2022

Waitin' on Food to Finish #5150

Spanish rice boils in the kitchen.  An RC cola bubbles at my lips.  It's just me and my RC.

And the TV.  

A head chatters on it talking about Ukraine.  Those people have my sympathy, but their government...  Not so much.  You don't provoke the bear without a large enough caliber weapon to take him down.  

The urge to mock the bully is understandable.  When it's just you to bear the consequences, that's one thing.  When you bring down the bear on your family and friends, that's another.

That being said, nobody likes a bully.  Even if the smaller kid started it, you don't have to know what caused it to know the big bully has no business beating on the little kid.  If the kid's holding his own, you really start to side with him.

Food's done.  Time to eat.  Later.