Friday, November 25, 2022

Vacuum of Opinion

This undercurrent of subjective interpretation regarding everything in life is maddeningly contradictory.  Ask someone their opinion today, get one answer.  Ask them tomorrow, get the polar opposite.  It's enough to make your eyes want to escape your skull.

In the past, it was just those flaky folks in your life causing all the consternation.  You know, the guy or gal that says, "Yeah," to something, but later says, "Nah," to the same EXACT thing with no changes to anything other than their subjective, anyway-the-wind-blows opinion.  Now, the majority of people you meet are that way.

In one instance, a person stated an opinion as a solid fact.  They seemed to be willing to come to blows over that opinion.  Scrolling through their phone, they looked up and voiced an opinion diametrically opposed to the one they were just willing to knock someone's teeth out to support.  It's jaw-droppingly exasperating.

Certainly, opinions change.  One would hope there would be a bit of consideration before changing them for light and transient causes, though.  Ultimately, nothing is sacred if enough overwhelming evidence is presented.  

This is no longer the case.  Opinions change for the lightest and most transient of causes.  It's seriously like 1984, where the headline reads something completely contradictory to the previous... only it's worse... In 1984, the next published paper had a different headline.  Now, it's as soon as every few minutes... with no reference to previous interpretations.

You'd think they'd eventually get that no one is going to invest any time in them if there's no consistency.  Maybe there's some camaraderie or incomprehensible attractiveness in being vapid.  How do you deal with that?