Friday, September 23, 2022


What decade do you like to remember most?  Most of us Gen Xers will probably say the '90s.  The '80s were pretty cool, too, though.  Most of us hate the '70s, but have great childhood memories from back then.

The only people who admit to liking the '70s are liars or weren't alive back then.  Bell bottoms, turtle necks, corduroy...  butterfly collars and suits with piping.  Earth tones.  Mustard yellow and puke green.  Gross.

I'd bet Boomers will say the '60s, but really love the excesses of the '80s.  I've no idea what Millennials would say. Zoomers are probably living 'their best life' right now.  Jealous.

What's the next generation going to be called?  There's probably someone out there who's already named them, even though the oldest ones are still babies.  I'm not going to look it up.

The '90s brought independence to most of us Gen X kids.  We got our first full time job, bought our first vehicle and got a place of our own.  Unless you're a very early born Gen X, had super wealthy parents or were just lucky, that is.  Then, you might've done some or all of that in the '80s.

Like any of this 'generation' stuff matters.  I have suspicions it's just to drive a wedge in the generation gap to keep us from realizing we're being robbed and gaslighted.  Maybe I should've just stopped at, "What decade do you like to remember the most?"