Sunday, August 21, 2022

We Have a Winner!

Why is JJ yelling, "MONEY!" on my TV?  Every few minutes, there he is.  When he claps before saying, "DY-NO-MITE!" the sound is obviously a dubbed in clap.  So weird.

Music was cut short, last night, by an electrical storm.  Lightning strikes kept popping the power on and off.  Not good for amps and such.  Still played about an hour and half.

Storm knocked out the internet.  Broke out the old VCR and watched Easy Rider.  After returning from a late supper, the internet was restored.  Something about watching that old tape made me tired.  I think it made me feel old.

Rain has been fairly constant since yesterday.  Managed to get the yard cut Friday evening before the rain set in.  At some point, a trip to the store is in order.  Maybe the rain will let up.

And now you're caught up.  Congratulation!  You win absolutely nothing.