Friday, July 01, 2022

Stranger Tyson and Dream Houses

Even at it's worst, life prospers.  I just heard Mike Tyson say that on a video I'm watching.  That's funny.

Philosophy is the talk on a cereal box.  Edie Brickell said that.  They're both right.

I think they're right...  Life hasn't failed, yet, though it fails all of us, eventually.  Either way, all the philosophizing in the world won't give you another day when you die.

Acquiesce to convenience and enjoy what's left of it all.

I sometimes have a recurring dream where I'm in this nice house in a valley between to tall canyon walls.  Sometimes it's my house... Sometimes it's someone else's.  Sometimes it starts as someone else's, and becomes mine.  Other times, it's mine and becomes someone else's.

The place is so familiar, but I know I've never been there... except in a dream.  It's modern but appears to be far away from modern society.  There's a road passing in front of it, and a mailbox encased in brick.

For some reason, Mike Tyson saying, "Even at it's worst, life prospers," made my brain think of that house from my dream.  I have no idea why.  Brain chemicals are weird.