Sunday, July 24, 2022

Late-Night Visitors

I just found out a truck was seen speeding away from my house.  We played music, earlier, and wound up watching a couple of old horror movies.  When leaving, the drummer said he saw a truck peeling out of the area behind my house.

A few minutes after I locked the door, he was knocking on it.  Apparently, the vehicle speeding away surprised him so much that he came back to the house to warn me.  He thought the vehicle was on my property.  The direction he pointed was a little south of my property line.

After grabbing a gun and a flashlight, we took a stroll around the house.  Nothing appeared out of place.  It was dark, so visibility wasn't the best.  I'll look again in the morning.

Behind the house are a few open fields which are only accessible from a small, almost hidden road.  I've had to run folks off from back there, before.  It's a little disconcerting to see a vehicle park and turn its headlights off while parked in the woods just a dozen or so feet away from my bedroom.   

Tonight was a little different.  Normally, I see them pull up, because they don't realize how visible they are.  Nothing raised any red flags, this evening, until the truck cranked up and sped off.

Anyway, it's kind of creepy.