Wednesday, July 20, 2022


Driving up to the house, this evening, I noticed some shingles right above the garage were out of place.  It was obviously some sort of damage.  I thought maybe it happened during the storm that took the trees down.


Grabbing a ladder, up I went.  I didn't even go in the house.  I had to see how bad it was.

That's no storm damage.  Something got into the attic and gnawed its way out.  It was so anxious to get out, it left a little fur on the shingles.

For the last week or so, I've been awakened by what sounds like something banging on the roof.  I thought it was cats or squirrels running around on top of the house.  Turns out it might've been IN the house.

This was obviously an exit hole.  Logic dictates that if something ate its way out, it had to have gotten in somewhere.  The search was on.  Sure enough, the flashing around the heater chimney pipe had been pulled off.  

Whatever got in probably fell several feet to the ceiling, and couldn't get back up to the chimney hole.  It must've been looking for light and found the vent hole on the eaves.  No telling how long it gnawed... 

A temporary patch is now in place.  Add this to the list.  Yay.