Sunday, June 05, 2022

Coffee Thoughts on World Community and History #5150

Sitting, sipping coffee, watching my window on the world, jealousy of the history and community of Europe rears it's head for a moment.  Here, things are more spread out.  There, history is unavoidable, and relating to one another is required.

In America, the need to cluster together for survival didn't last long.  Within decades of the founding of this country, mass transit across the continent became possible.  As a result, the close-knit buildings and villages never fully coalesced.

I love the South and don't believe I'll ever want to leave.  Sure, experiencing other places has been nice, but the privacy of distance is nicer.  There are good things about being able to keep to yourself without extra effort.

Still, the lack of history, at least known history, makes the 'new world' we inhabit seem a bit sterile.  Part of that is the active destruction of anything left by its original inhabitants.  You have to search for any sign of pre-european-contact history.  Even then, it's small and packed away, carefully, from any influence to current society.