Tuesday, May 03, 2022

What's Up?

Something's up.  There's a lot of news.  I trust none of it.  

The violent riots back in 2020, the lockdowns, the obvious disregard for public opinion... Slavs invading slavs... all these things lead to the conclusion of something being amiss.  Distraction after distraction pile up to disturbing obfuscations. 

It's no coincidence that impressionable kids have been plied with utopian socialist ideals.  They've worn shirts depicting bloody petty tyrants like 'Che'.  They drool over anything adorned with old communist symbols like the hammer and sickle.  None of this is accidental.

I don't see the angle, but there's just too much coincidence for there to be nothing.  Where smoke emanates, there's usually a heat source.  What that is isn't immediately apparent.  There's something there, though, no doubt.