Monday, May 30, 2022

Morning Memorial and Hammer-On Heroism

Coffee drinking ongoing.  Been up and stirring for a few hours.  A little book-keeping action, but nothing really constructive being accomplished.

Cricket plays on the telly.  Obscure sports are entertaining in a passive kind of way.  The USFL's Birmingham Stallions extended their streak to 7-0, yesterday, on the same TV.

Unlike most American sports, Cricket has multiple, significant variations in game length.  Sure, there are differences between high school, college and professional sports in the USA, but Cricket can vary between an hour long game, and multiple days for a test match.

Probably should be watching something more 'Merican on Memorial Day.  


Just put on some rock-n-roll.  That'll do.

The Melvins do everything better.  Until they don't.  Makes me feel heroic.