Friday, March 04, 2022

Hot Bugs

So much for winter, this year.  In the past, there were times a sweater and a jacket didn't seem like enough on the first weekend of March.  Not this year.

Winter must've gotten lost on the way. There were a couple of days when it seemed on track.  Then, right about the time it should've done its thing, it took a wrong turn.

The thermometer in my vehicle got up to 89 on the way home from work.  Sure, that's probably got something to do with hot asphalt, but I haven't seen that since the end of last summer.

Though we'll probably see some freezing temperatures, there's pretty much zero chance of a day staying below freezing until next winter.  That means bugs are probably going to be bad this year.  Just what you want when you're hot: a bug crawling on you.