Monday, February 21, 2022

Who'll Stop the Rain?

Cats and dogs rained from the sky.  At least it seemed that way when something seemed to crash into my windshield this morning.  I was on my way to work.  I'd just started across the Alabama river bridge on the bypass.  Rain seemed to slack up for a second when something exploded into pieces right in front of me.  

Collecting myself before swerving to miss something I couldn't even see, and possibly flying off the bridge, I tried to see what the heck was happening on the front of my vehicle.  Instantly I noticed the driver side wiper blade was broken off.  The head was still attached to the arm of the wiper, and was making a god-awful racket as it scraped across the glass.  Quickly, I turned off the wipers, but not before a last grating swipe tried to remove the last of my sanity.

Pulling into the nearest gas station, I removed the broken head and swapped it out for the still intact passenger blade.  The passenger blade is a full six inches shorter, but it would have to do.  Then, I pulled the passenger arm out so it wouldn't contact the glass.  A minute later, I was out on the road.

Another minute later, the passenger arm retracted itself back onto the vehicle, sounding like a hammer on glass.  I probably should've just wrapped it in something soft and left it on the windshield.  Luckily, though, nothing was broken.

The old passenger blade had to do until getting back to town, this afternoon.  It rained almost the whole way.  A quick visit to the auto parts store and a new wiper blade was installed.  Immediately, the rain stopped.