Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Random Commentary on Daily Commentary #5150

Time for the Commentary on the Day.  There's always something to note.  Yup.

Most of what seems important is probably just coincidence.  Then, what's important flies by without notice.  Still, observations never cease.

There was an old tradition of recounting events of the day.  When the Sun set, and everyone was in for the night, family and friends would take turns telling the story of their day.  No observational detail would be omitted.

From this sharing, a lot could be taken.  Aside from providing entertainment prior to the proliferation of accessible media, this was the news of the day.  What happened to others inevitably teaches lessons, even if it's just funny anecdotes.

Younger people, who traveled more, might share something that an older person understood.  If they saw some sort of wildlife, such as a type of bird, the old-timer might understand that meant a season was coming early.  From this, the younger person would learn what that meant.

This isn't advocating for a return to those kinds of traditions; TV and the internet put the last nail in that coffin.  To be fair, newspapers, radio and other media ended the necessity for that kind of storytelling long ago.  I'd doubt it would seem entertaining enough, now, anyway.

This is simply to say that seeing can be believing.  Just because something appears to be meaningless doesn't mean it isn't noteworthy.  Take note.