Monday, December 13, 2021

Watching Youtube Every Night

Streaming video content creators have replaced TV.  Very few traditional television shows garner much attention, anymore.  If you add up all the views from video sites, they dwarf traditional numbers.

Google managed to nearly corner the market with Youtube.  Smart TVs built on Google's Android engine tend to discriminate against all other creator-driven streaming services.  Most telephones sold are Android-based, and come with Youtube pre-loaded, optimized for the service.  

Ad revenue has to still be split up between traditional TV and the internet.  Content creators can help advertisers target niche groups old media can't, though.  It won't be long before almost all advertising is targeted online.

Someone is going to figure out that they can harness these creators and have a stable of them.  That's when they'll start making real movie-star money.  There's going to be something like the old movie studios, where contracts for creators are traded.  

They'll have to learn how to compete with Youtube, first, though.