Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Pleasing the Stars

Orion the Hunter has been hanging out with his dog by the river just above the place I work, every morning, as I walk down the sidewalk.  Thinking he was trying to tell me something, I stopped and bought a nice, big, juicy steak from Mark's Mart on my way home.  After firing up the grill and cooking the steak to a bloody, but seared, perfection, I threw a few pounds of chicken from my freezer on the grill to burn up the rest of the charcoal.

When all was cooked, I sat down to enjoy a large salad while the meat rested.  A potato roasted in the oven, waiting for me to finish the green, leafy bed for the red meat down in my tummy. It didn't take long.

That steak was amazing.  Just the right amount of sear marked the top and bottom, and it's insides were red enough to wear to a Bama game.  It melted in my mouth.

A healthy topping of cheese and bacon on the potato mixed well with the beef.  Such a treat.  Maybe that'll make Orion happy.