Monday, October 11, 2021

In The Air

The air hasn't felt like this in the fall in over a half-dozen years.  That sensation of warm air on skin, with a hint of cool, puts minds into states that might inspire hazardous activities.  It feels too good.

In terms of physical dexterity, it's important to remember that almost 50 isn't even remotely close to 15... or 35, for that matter.  Stuff that could be done without preparation even a decade ago might kill ya... or at least make you wish you were dead.  Sprinting down to the mailbox a quarter mile down the driveway might not be possible without dire consequences.  Especially if the driveway hasn't had decent maintenance in several years, just like a body that's now closer to senior-citizenship than 40.

Still, the mind plays tricks.  The air is right.  Something's gotta be done about it.