Friday, October 15, 2021

Grass Life

Three and a half hours on a lawnmower gives you time to think...  Commune with the yard, the gnats, and other assorted bugs which begin to harass as soon as a single leaf blocks the setting Sun.  What a joy.

At least it gave me time to figure out the meaning of life.  Living means not dying.  Yeah, it's that simple.

Think about it.  There's nothing else you have to do to live but not die.  Do the math.  We're all going to die, eventually.  The meaning of life is not dying.

Don't over-complicate it.   It doesn't matter how well you eat, how much you exercise, or how profitably you invest the fruits of your labor for the future... eventually, tomorrow won't come.  It's not love or benevolence that makes life...  It's not dying.

Okay, some of those thing might help you not die.  They may make your life easier.  They're NOT the meaning of life, though...  the meaning of life is NOT dying.


I get too hot cutting grass, sometimes.