Sunday, May 02, 2021

Strolling Through Time

The yard looked good, but so different, on my Sunday morning walk-about.  Not only is change inevitable, it happens fast.  21 years isn't that fast, though, is it?

I used to walk my yard every evening.  That hasn't been done in a dozen or more years.  The edges of greenery have encroached about 20 feet since then, making it unlikely that it would be possible to walk the same path.  Also, trees now stand in the bottom (as does water, right now) making it harder to get close to the property line.

Mind's eye sees what the yard looked like when I first moved in.  It was like a fresh-faced little baby.  I wish I'd taken pictures so I could superimpose them to see what changes are apparent.

Other than the young forest growing in the center of the yard, the biggest difference would be the giant, old-growth oak, felled by Hurricane Ivan, which stood directly in front of the house.  Squirrels miss all the acorns.  The house misses the shade.

Having long since finished the cup of coffee made to take on my walk, caffeine calls.  Stretch and yawn.  Have a good morning and day.