Saturday, April 17, 2021

Noise Pollution is... Okay

I woke up about 2am thinking about music made/played back in the late 80s.  ...Before it was really called 'alternative', when people were just starting to feel comfortable playing what they liked to hear.  Maybe it wasn't all good.  Maybe most of it wasn't.  You could feel what they were putting out, though.

That's not really okay, now.  

Well, I guess it was never okay.  They just did it anyway, and found people who liked to have someone who felt the same.  That isn't likely to happen, again.

One of the disadvantages of instant communication with everyone in the whole world is that all of the edges get knocked off to make the world fit.  Sadly, that's where most of the interesting stuff hides...  on the edges.  That's where the intricate beauty exists.

All I see, anymore, is bland, ridiculous, homunculus blobs of unobtrusive, simulated expressions of the ineffectual, designed for the lowest common denominator.  

Or maybe it's just way too early in the morning to be trying to think too deeply about anything.