Saturday, April 03, 2021


I've owned this house for 21 years, now.  If it was my kid, it'd be old enough to drink.  If it was my kid, it'd probably have plenty of reasons to drink.

I just drank a tall glass of water, after finishing the grass for the first time this year.  This is the 21st year I'll have to do it.  21 years is a long time to cut grass.

I've had my current mower for going on 6 years.  The one that came with the house lasted about 6.  The tractor I bought after that made it about that long before it broke down for about the 4th time, prompting a re-evaluation of what I wanted my lawn to look like.  I still intend to fix that tractor, again, one day.

The washing machine and dryer almost made it 20 years.  The stove and refrigerator made it about 20 years, too.  All of them came with the house when I bought it, already several years old, at least.  They've only recently been replaced, in the last year or so.

All of them were used on a regular basis.  I've always done my own laundry, cooking, etc..., so I got more than my money out of them.  The last power outage during the 2020 Hurricane Zeta finished off my fridge and stove.  I suspect at least the fridge would've made it a few more years, were it not for that.

Those old appliances served longer than I'd been alive when I bought them.  I strongly doubt I'll ever be that useful.  I'll be lucky to see another 21 years.  I'll probably bust.  

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