Wednesday, January 13, 2021

By the Cover

There are several books lying around the house which were purchased because their covers looked cool.  All have bookmarks which have been very close to the front for weeks, months or even years.  They are all terrible.  

Reviews printed on the back cover were glowing.  AP endorsements claim, "Compelling page turner."  Lies.  All lies.  Another says, "I dare you to put it down."  I put it down.  What do I win?

Maybe boredom will reopen them, one day.  Probably not. 

There are others, though, picked up because they were cheap, or as gifts from someone who didn't want them, opened, just to see what they were about, and weren't put down until finished, many hours later.  Crumbling covers, browned with age, didn't accurately predict what would be within.  The old adage is true.