Monday, September 14, 2020


Waking up happens too often. Sleep moves at a different rate of speed. If there's a limit to the number of awakenings we're allowed, it would be best to somehow conserve them.

Some analogy is buried in there for learning and life experience. Lessons exist that most would like to put off, or not learn at all. Opened eyes to a new truth or concept can be like climbing a staircase in an M. C. Escher painting.

Then again, there's satisfaction and completion to be found after a good sleep. Rubbing eyes and looking at a new day full of possibilities can generate energy. Light seems brighter, images clearer.

There's always a chance, though, that the new day will leave you searching for a place to lay your head and rest. It's a gamble most are more than willing to take. Skipping school to sleep in on the worst days should be allowed.