Friday, July 03, 2020

Observing the World while Drinking Coffee

Sounds like the Blue Jays and Crows are at war, outside. There's a prehistoric sound to it. Imagination amplifies the sound to that of an elephant-sized bird. That must've been quite terrifying in the long, long ago.

Rocco the cat is occupied with locating bugs to eat. His eyes transfix on a crack. He becomes motionless. Then, lightning fast comes the explosion of claws and teeth. Crunch, crunch, crunch. Another one bites the dust.

Predatory instincts lead him on a new search. The nose works, twitching. The ears seem to focus. He moves silently in a motion simultaneously fast and slow. When noticed, he pretends not to notice, while moving out of the line of sight.

Once mighty dinosaurs are reduced to fleeing from a small cat. Exoskeletons crunch like breakfast cereal. Life struggles to survive in the presence of Rocco and me.