Saturday, June 06, 2020

Shivers from the Cold War

When the first atomic weapon detonated, the world irreversibly changed. Even if a war wasn't launched with the weapon, it would be the weapon used to end it. That being the case, analysts realized the war would only be 'won' by the party who launched the first strike.

To find out whether the other side is about to attack, espionage on a scale never before known is needed. Espionage requires covert organizations. Covert agencies require complete secrecy to protect their assets.

Complete secrecy breeds corruption. When these organizations are accountable only to themselves, the temptation to act in their own best interests, instead of their people, becomes overwhelming. When no one knows what you're doing with the money, misappropriating it is far too easy.

The budget of covert agencies in the US is estimated to be somewhere between $50 billion and nearly $1 trillion. The Russians have been estimated to allocate over ₽3 trillion to clandestine operations. That's bigger than the whole budget of most of the world's nations, combined.

The world now lives in the shadow of this hastily created dark operation. Doctor Strangelove is an amateur hack compared to what would succeed his SIOP, or Single Integrated Operational Plan. The fact that they called it SIOP should be enough to tell you something.

Fear is nothing new as a tool of manipulation. It's not the guy that doesn't look like you on the news and media that should inspire fear; the real terror is the oligarchy utilizing fear to retain their power. The moment no one lives in fear, that power goes away.