Saturday, February 29, 2020

Where the Road Goes

Got up and out early this morning to run a few Saturday errands. I forgot there was a lot going on downtown, today, though. With the bridge blocked, and the stores packed with visitors, I turned and just began driving.

Dallas Avenue turned into Highway 22. Highway 22 turned into Highway 5. The next thing I knew I was driving through my Father's old stomping grounds.

It occurred to me that, although he'd mentioned he knew where his great-grandparents were buried, Daddy had never taken me there. I had a general idea where, and since it was only a matter of minutes away, I decided to try to find them.

I thought I remembered him telling me it was at Bashi, so that's the first place I looked. Right where I thought the cemetery was located, I found this:

The cemetery was several miles away, down a mile or two of narrow dirt road. The tiny road wound its way through thick pine forests, culminating at a little church with a nice, well-kept cemetery.

The graves dated back a couple hundred years. There were dozens of Andrews markers, among which I found the grave of my Great-Great-Grandfather, Ira Elisha Andrews Sr., and Great-Great-Grandmother Sarah Pettis Andrews:

Their son, my Papaw's Papaw, Ira Elisha Andrews Jr., is buried down the road at another cemetery. I didn't visit that one, today, mainly because I was hungry and it was time to eat.