Sunday, January 19, 2020

Beyond X

Gen X music isn't as easily defined as the previous or following generations. The music produced isn't always very good quality, or even musically interesting. Much of it isn't much more than noise. Some of that noise is highly technical, to the point of being hard to digest. Still, much of it is melodic and expressive. If anything can be seen as a vein running through all of it, it's a disregard for imposed structure.

Somehow, it's usually entertaining. The uncovered ability to emote allows for relatable content in the art. Even if you don't like it for the musical aspects, you can find lyrics or ambient sounds in the piece to trigger memories or other synaptic paths from your past.

The willful disdain for requirements in this music allows for expression that exposes raw nerves. In a way, I'm relieved that the younger generation of music makers decided to work within more rigorous conventions. For a long while, I've avoided listening to new music from Gen X artists because it was a bit stressful.

There are rumblings, though, that the generation beyond the Zoomers may have caught on to the vibe Gen X only began to touch. I've heard a few pieces from kids that blew my mind. I may be ready, once again, to hear that kind of sound. If what I've heard is any indication, the next generation, whatever they may call it, will take us to places we may not want to go. And we'll beg for more.