Friday, November 29, 2019

Go Outside

Doing yard work makes me remember how much I enjoy being outside. Being inside a lot can get a bit claustrophobic. It's nice to not have ceiling above my head, once in a while. Then, after a few hours of hard labor, I start thinking about how nice it is to go back indoors.

Today was a good day to be outside, though. The temperature was moderate enough to not give you a heat stroke. I wound up working a lot longer than I had intended.

Aside from a lot of yard work, I got to use the explosion method of putting a tire back on the rim. The old Chevy truck had a flat when I went to get in it, this morning, to do my chores. The tire had zero air in it. When I tried to pull it up to my air compressor, it came off the rim.

I had some carburetor cleaner, which I sprayed into the tire. While doing so, I lit a sales paper. Then, I shoved it where I had just sprayed. It made a sudden sucking sound and then, POP! It was on the bead.

I should've videoed it. It's a pretty neat trick. I was surprised at how easy it was. The tire was on fire, afterwards, where some of the carburetor cleaner ran down, but I blew it out easily.

After I aired it up to capacity, the tire seemed to be holding air, pretty well. I noticed the tread had some bad spots, though. Instead of trying my luck with it on the road, I went ahead and pulled it off the truck and put on the spare.

How boring does your life have to be for that to seem like a fun day? I wish I could motivate myself to get and do stuff in the yard, more often. I used to practically live outdoors. I blame the internet.