Friday, May 24, 2019

Tonewah is Back? has been labelled 'Tonewah is Back!' since around 2000. That's when both the server where it was stored and the hard drive on my PC where the backup for the site was located at the time were simultaneously hacked and rendered unusable. When re-launched, the site was 'back'. It's been 'back' ever since.

Almost 20 years of being 'back'. It's probably going to stay that way. Even if something happens and it goes down, when it's up, it'll be 'back', again.

In a couple of years this thing will be 25 years old. 'Back' for 80% of it's existence, there are adults younger than the 'back' era. That's nuts.

I can't remember exactly when, but at some point in the last decade or so I stopped keeping up the actual website part and just updated the blog. When all the prefab websites started taking over, the idea of doing the newest thing or latest web trick seemed to lose some appeal. Plus, the web was getting crowded. It started to get a little boring.

As long as it exists, will probably be 'back'. Like a recurring injury or chronic ailment, it'll be here to bug you. And like an itchy spot, you'll have to scratch it.