Thursday, April 18, 2019

Strange Days

Some days are better than others. Some are worse. Some are weird.

Recently, there have been weird ones. Well, unexpected would be more accurate. For example, today the neighbor's yard was on fire when I came home from work... and they were throwing gasoline into the trees. Yup. That happened.

In disbelief, head cocked sideways, I got out of the car wondering what the ^&*( was going on. I don't know if they saw me and realized something was amiss, or they were done burning whatever they were burning, but they stopped. I've been checking every few minutes to see if the smoldering piles flame back up.

Earlier, I saw a solid white cat standing in the middle of a couple of dudes who were playing basketball in their driveway. The cat's mouth was open like it was calling for the ball. I had to do a double take. The dudes didn't seem like this was out of the ordinary.

There was a tourist-looking dude on the Pettus bridge who seemed to be taking close-up pictures of the asphalt. He was pointing his camera down, focusing and taking pictures. Maybe there was some artifact on the ground. There wasn't anything to be easily seen. There's no way he could have been taking pictures of any bridge-related landmark, though.

As I type this, the fact that there was just a full moon popped into my head. Maybe that explains it. Maybe not.