Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Reality Running on Loop

Reality can be amazingly ridiculous. Show me a pattern in this mess. Show me.

In the '90s, people talked a lot about things being "Dadaist" and "Kafkaesque". All of the rules of science and nature, laid bare, only contribute to the more than surreal universe surrounding us. Open your eyes and you see just how supernatural it is. Trim it with the feeling you're late to a test for which you've not only failed to study, but you've never even seen the textbook. Color it with the adrenaline dread you feel before you think you're about to have to fight, and you're almost there.

Hot, tired, and restless, yet cool and laser-focused on each of the thousands of thoughts chasing your sanity, you never get away. You always get caught. You can't escape.