Monday, January 28, 2019

More About Heavenly Bodies

Being so bright in the morning sky, right now, Venus and Jupiter are practically begging to be talked about. All you have to do is look up before the Sun rises and you'll see 'em. They'll be the last two objects to disappear in the morning light.

In spite of the fact he's the largest in the solar system with the most heavenly bodies orbiting him, when we look at them from our vantage point, Jupiter is outshined to the order of multiple magnitudes by little ole' Venus. She's so much hotter. Her surface is upwards of 900 degrees, while Jove is beyond frigid, measuring below -200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Planets are easy to personify; They're named for gods, after all. The ancients thought they were alive, since they move differently than the other objects in the sky. New-age-types think they have some bearing on what happens in the terrestrial world. Indirectly, maybe they do.