Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Cat Crap Fever

The temperatures have been pretty cold at night. It seemed the right thing to do to let the barn cat stay in the house. He was set up in a little spot where he could access his food and a litter box, but not have full run of the house. He came in at night and was put out when I left for work.

He was good for several nights. Then, one morning, something went wrong. Bad wrong. Nasty, runny, all over my nice kitchen rug wrong. It seemed the cat decided his poop was too good for the litter box. I quickly cleaned up the mess outside the box, not investigating what might have inspired him to abandon his indoor outhouse and try to paint my rugs brown, then left for work.

That evening, Amy came over. I hadn't yet been home and therefore still hadn't completed the poop box investigation. On the way to the house, I told her about my stinky morning. She volunteered to investigate the litter box while I found a movie to watch on Netflix.

As I scrolled through movie titles, I heard her excited voice rising from another room. Then, there was a sudden commotion, the sound of the door opening, and finally, more excited talk trailing off into the garage.

Following the noise, I found her outside, frantically slinging something from the litter box. In the dark, there looked to be a couple of small, dark-haired creatures lying on the lawn. They were motionless.

After retrieving a flashlight, we took a closer look. Covered in dried fecal matter, whatever it once had been, it was no more. It looked like the cat hat swallowed half a mink, or some long-haired critter, and crapped out just the hair.

The next morning, I took these pictures:

The cat is back to using his litter box. There have been no more creatures. I still have no idea how he swallowed whatever the %^&* that was, much less how he pooped it out.