Tuesday, January 29, 2019

All But Forgotten

Remember that kid in your school, church or neighborhood that left before you knew they were leaving? You looked around one day and didn't see them. Before they left, you remember thinking they might be interested in the same things as you and that they may have known something you were curious to know about. For some reason, you never thought about asking when you had the opportunity.

Maybe it was never the right time or place. Maybe they seemed too busy. Maybe you were too busy to talk. Regardless, they were gone before you ever really got to know them.

Years later, that kid pops into your head. You think, briefly, about looking them up on the internet. Even if you can find them, though, they probably don't remember you. You don't even remember what it was you had in common. Just as quickly as they pop into your head, that person passes from your thoughts.

There's probably someone just like that in your life, right now. You'll probably never think to take advantage of a moment to talk to them. Soon, they'll be gone and all but forgotten.