Sunday, December 09, 2018

Youtube Brings Out the Worst

Watching news and youtube videos can be bad for your outlook on humanity. One really has to hope that there is some large number of unseen people who aren't as terrible as those portrayed in various medias. What's the worst is how it makes you look at those around you. People you know start to fit the stereotypes of those in the videos. You notice the traits of the just-plain-awful characters appearing on the screen and are horrified when you begin to recognize those traits in acquaintances.

The pop-psychology, punditry, and 'exposing' of the general whoredom of modern society are so disheartening. The mirror starts to seem a little scary. Unconsciously avoiding the behaviors decried by these 'experts' starts to be an actual issue if you're at all an introspective person.

Then, after watching another video, it becomes apparent that there is no way I could be as horrific as those people. Maybe that's supposed to be the whole point; seeing how terrible they are is supposed to make you feel better about the petty things you do. It doesn't work, though. It just reminds... no, terrifies the critical thinker to imagine that those people are among us, outwardly behaving as if they're normal... smiling and laughing while at the same time they're manipulating, lying and contemplating how to steal, kill or get what they want at any cost. So creepy.