Sunday, December 16, 2018

Your Lot

We all know our days on this earth are numbered. To one type of person, that knowledge might encourage a drive to achieve as much as possible in the time that's left. To another type, knowing that time is limited might inspire a desire to make those remaining days as comfortable as possible. One of them rarely ever understands the other, but they both set goals and try to follow whatever paths weave their way to the desired end.

If you're following a path, you're probably on the wrong one. If you see what you want, head toward it. The way isn't always clear, but the adventure will make life worth living.

It's our lot to be enchanted and mystified. To deny that is the real tragedy. If you're lucky, many, many years from now you'll be enraptured to your end while engaged in guessing about some abstruse curiosity.